Shell rings- bringing these bits of the sea to the Chautauqua Craft Show July 12-14.

We have a lovely crop of rings ready for our next show including these beauties- aqua limpet with pearl, snowflake obsidian with cowrie shell, and miter with sunstone.  The Chautauqua Institution is one of our favorite show venues- a lakeside victorian resort located on a lake in western New York.
 More info on the show: The Crafts Alliance
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T R O P I C A L I A : drawing the rainforest

For years I have forged every sea creature imaginable out of metal.  Every squid, blowfish, jellyfish, and octopus have been reimagined in my sketchbook and later created in silver and gold.

Lately, my surroundings have taken me in a different direction.  Florida’s subtropical landscape has seeped into my subconscious.  I am surrounded by bananas, plumeria, succulents, mangoes, and palms.  Lush foliage forms are starting to appear in my drawings and metalwork.  It’s an exciting time for me, I feel like I am on a new voyage of discovery, new forms and lines are springing from the end of my pencil.


I have to say, I’m looking forward to working in my studio today!

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We almost lost our favorite show this year!  After 38 years, the organizers of the Piccolo Spoleto Craft Show retired from running their event.  Fortunately the Office of Cultural Affairs stepped in and the show will go on.  The Piccolo Spoleto Crafts Exhibition will be held in Wragg Square Park once again, for four days over Memorial Day Weekend.  Spread the word!  We are looking forward to seeing you Friday May 25- Monday May 28 downtown in the churchyard.  For more info visit

everything is bigger in Texas

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks.  We just got back from the Main Street Fort Worth Art Festival, which was a great success!  MSFW is a prestigious and highly competitive art festival to be invited to, and we can see why after our experience last week.  The show was managed beautifully, and well attended by the people of Fort Worth who were very friendly and appreciated our work.  We had an outstanding response to our jewelry and met many new collectors over the four day affair.  Thanks, Fort Worth, we hope to get to come back and see you again soon!  Love your fun town, fine restaurants, and great folks.

six down, four to go

We have passed the center point of our run of 10 shows in a row- and I’m tired!  Planning on getting a good night’s sleep before we open up in Venice, FL for the 17th Annual Downtown Venice Art Classic.  Venice Avenue is lined with great restaurants, which makes for a really great afternoon at the art show.  We’re going to have beautiful weather, so come out to see us if you’re in the area!


Off to the Southernmost Point this weekend- we will be participating in the Old Island Days Art Festival in Key West once again.  The Key West Art Center and Gallery hosts us on the streets of Old Town for this one of a kind event.  We have lots of new work to share, and we will be sure to bring back lots of pictures of our favorite place!